Hi, I am Rebecca. A documentary family photographer based in Northamptonshire who absolutely LOVES capturing genuine connections and real moments in everyday life. I am friendly, honest, calm and understand the importance of capturing the wonderful now, to last forever. I care about every single family I’ve photographed and keep in touch with so many, as they keep growing. I am so unbelievably grateful to those putting trust in me to capture their family lives, whether at home, in the great outdoors or on holiday.

A few things about me; I am a mum to a cheeky, outdoor loving toddler, I am a wife, I currently live in Northamptonshire, where we are on home renovation project number two (when you marry a builder it’s always a project…but I love it). I have a BA degree in photography and have had the absolute pleasure of documenting families since 2012.

When I am not photographing families or weddings, I love the countryside, pubs with friends, cosy fires, live music in any setting and cannot get enough of the seaside (any time of year). I love a good coffee and spicy food. Sundays… its either an all-day brunch with friends or long family walks and roast dinners with Steve Wright Sunday love songs.


“We absolutely love the photos!!! Thank you so much! Thank you so much for everything, the photos are amazing and I can’t wait to show our family :)”


“I have watched the video of the photos about 5 times and have cried my eyes out everytime! I dont think I can convey in a message how perfectly you captured our family and how gratful I am for your amazing talent!” 



“We are blown away by the photos, you are such a talented photographer! I am so so so so pleased, honestly cannot thank you enough for these beautiful images and will cherish them forever! I can’t stop looking at them.

Thank you for coming to the house and photographing us, it’s such a nice way to capture us rather than in a studio with cheesy pics to show for it and there’s something quite special about the fact that you were there for the wedding and now with Theo”



“Thank you, they are really lovely, thank you. I especially love the one of Rory doing a wee!”



You love the real things in life; your family, your children, the fun, the adventures, the mundane, the chaos, the everyday.

You perhaps don’t want your photograph taken and you are always taking photos of your children but you are never in them. You would love some real memories of you with your little ones, to remember exactly how you were, that you were there with them and what they were up to.

You don’t want posed ‘perfect’ photographs. You want photographs full of emotion and personality… when you and your children look back you want to remember not ‘oh that’s when we had a photo shoot’ but I loved the way we used to play like this, the way you used to brush your hair, how manic but endless fun bath time was, how messy every meal was, how you used to cuddle so tightly and pull that face!

You love real stories and real memories’ you don’t just want to remember what you looked like, but you want to remember those little mannerisms, the personalities, the connections, the quirks, the habits’, the expressions…. Everything that makes you…you.