Mar 28, 2021

Northamptonshire Birth Photography |

Hi, here’s me. Giving birth… well not really, but the bit before and after, as it was a wonderful whirlwind and it went from zero to 100 in minutes. We managed to take some photographs before, while I was waiting / being induced and when our gorgeous boy arrived. Music definitely helped me get through the procedure of being induced and in a ward with 7 others overnight just staring at the celling wondering how long until, it all takes effect. Although I feel, I do not look my best in these photographs (mainly because of all the pregnancy cake I ate), I am really tired and all the normal stuff pregnancy brings, I am so happy we got some photographs of me bouncing on the ball trying to figure out why I had such bad cramp in my legs listening to Mariah Carey! (Turns out a small number of women feel contractions in their legs…. not their belly! who knew. It makes me crack up looking back). No pain relief (trust me I wanted everything, the hypnobirthing kind of went out the window) but it was all too late for that and baby Frankie was on his way. These photos are not perfect; the birth wasn’t ‘perfect’…. but also at the same time, they are absolutely are perfect. They are what happened, they take me right back and they bring me so much joy having these as a lovely reminder of what a magical thing giving birth and having a child actually is. They make me laugh and smile and I now have these memories forever.


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